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Fukurokuju, from the series “Poems and Images of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune”


Utagawa Kunisada(Utagawa ToyokuniⅢ) 1845-55 This works is part of a series in which each of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune is identified by a haiku and written explanation that accompany the picture. In this picture, the woman's head is wrapped in a hand towel making her head look enlangated, which is reminiscent of Fukurokuju. Sugita (now Isogo Ward, Yokohama City), which is mentioned in the poem, has been known since the Edo period (1603-1868) for its ume plum blossoms. The Kamenoko Senbei mentioned in the poem, a specialty of Kanagawa-juku, are also depicted in the painting, placed in a palanquin.


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