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Proper Upbringing of a Young lady at Mt. Imose of Onyou


Author: Shinrotei Shujin Artist: Katsushika Hokusai Production date: 1810 (Bunka 7) 6 volumes, 6-books This is yomihon, a genre of Edo period novels. Yomihon is usually long novel with complex plots and the contents are full of romantic elements and moral teachings. In this story, the last imperial family of Yoshino-chou of Nambokucho period, Yoshino-Okimi of En’man-in-no miya is the main character. In the story, Yoshino-Okimi is possessed by an evil spirit of Soga-no Iruka, steals a sacred mirror from the Imperial Palace which was one of the regalia of the imperial family. Then the royal vassals from Akamatsu clan and Dazai clan take back the mirror to restore the imperial family.


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