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柳々居辰斎 題名不詳(江の島弁財天鐘)
柳々居辰斎 題名不詳(江の島弁財天鐘)


Title unknown (The Bell of the Enoshima Benzaiten)


Ryuryukyo Shinsai The production date: 1809 (Bunka 6) No publisher’s seal The object of worship in Enoshima Island is the deity Benzaiten. In this picture, a white snake, which is the messenger of Benzaiten is illustrated. Since snakes get rid of the mice that eat the grain and fruits, it is considered to protect the wealth and eventually it was known as an auspicious animal that brings good fortune with money. Therefore this work was considered as an auspicious work that the white snake winds around the bell (In Japanese, bell is pronounced as kane, and it indicates money.), and this is a surimono with kyouka poems. Surimono is the print commissioned privately and not for sale. The haiku poets and kyouka poets with the groups produced surimono to enjoy them privately within the circles. Surimono was distributed or exchanged inside of the group members therefore it was made luxuriously using the premier printing techniques of the time and the expensive materials. In this work, the dragon-shaped handle at the top of the bell is decorated with gold pigment, the striking panel on the bell is decorated with silver pigment and the scale pattern on the snake is printed with emboss effect. The production year 1809 (Bunka 6) was the year of snake in the traditional twelve-animal zodiac and the kaichou ceremony of Benzaiten took place as well.



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