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葛飾北斎 無題(七里ガ浜)
葛飾北斎 無題(七里ガ浜)


Title: Unknown (Sichiri-ga-hama Beach)


Artist: Katsushika Hokusai 1801-1804 (Kyouwa era), No publisher’s seal This is a surimono, an ukiyo-e print that kyouka poets and groups of people who enjoyed haikai poetry often produced as the special providing gifts for New Year. Unlike the ukiyo-e prints sold in cheap prices, many surimono works were decorated luxuriously using gold and silver pigments. The form of the woodblock of this work is special one, elongated horizontally. At the right side, on the back of an attendant’s kimono, the word “Ogie (荻江)” is identified. From this fact, the teachers of “Ogie-bushi” (the Tunes of Ogie), a popular nagauta or traditional Japanese song of that time, are considered to be illustrated and the client of this work was also related to this activity. In the picture, the scene of people’s pilgrimage to Enoshima is illustrated since Enoshima’s deity Benzaiten was regarded as the deity of ongyoku’s or music. Katsushika Hokusai Hōreki 10~Kaei 2 (1760~1849) Hokusai was a pupil of Katsukawa Shunsho; also said to have studied under Kano Yusen, Tsutsumi Torin, and Sumiyoshi Hiroyuki. He produced of wide variety of art and media. Later in his life, he focused more on the paintings and worked beyond the framework of the established ukiyo-e. He had students such as Hokuba, Hokkei, Hokuju and Shinsai. He had a long career period started from An’ei 8 till his death (1779-1849).



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